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From a thread on Webhostingtalk: I have contacted the Wichita Post Office. This PO Box has been canceled for over a year, and now has a forwarding address to another PO Box in Wichita. If you have any concerns you can contact the Wichita Postal Inspector Barry Rausch at (316) 946-4694. He might be able to recall any mail that has been sent to that address.


I was able to get our domain back. All I did was foward an e-mail of the receipt (of where we paid for the domain to Avid Hosting [with full headers] to customercare@enom.com and got a reply with the transfer code. I then initiated the domain transfer with another registrar, and regained control of the domain within 5 business days.

Hello, We may be able to help you gain control of this domain. However, in order to do this, we will need you to send in some documents to authenticate that you are an authoritative representative of "XXXX.com" (e.g., business license & photo ID, or articles of incorporation & photo ID of one of the listed officers on the articles, etc). Please attach the documents to this support ticket, and we can help you gain control of this domain right away. Thank you for your patience. Arlen

Your domain registrant contact is showing XXXX.com (domain name). However the registrant e-mail address is set to domain@avidhosting.com. Could you send me a copy of the business license of the articles of incorporation for your company, so that I can assist you with this? The easiest way to send it would be to scan it, then attach the file to this ticket. Alternatively you can fax it marked ATTN ROSALIND, to 425-974-4791. Please could you also let me know if you'd lilke to transfer the domain to an eNom account, or transfer it away to a different registrar. Thanks, Rosalind


Received From:
Avid Hosting domains@avidhosting.com
after a customer filled out the most recent form on their site Avidhosting.com

Date: December 12, 2007 3:34:33 PM EST
Subject: Welcome to Avid Domains
Dear users, First of all we apologize for the unexpected downtime of your web services. We know how important you domain is to you and/or your business. It is our desire to get you these domains as quickly and as securely as possible.
To transfer your domain you will need to pay a small $15 transfer fee by check or money order made payable to “ Avid Hosting”. .
We are not able to accept credit card payments at this time.

Mail $15 payments to:
Avid Hosting
PO Box 771579
Wichita, KS 67277-1579

Once your payment is received you will be emailed your EPP code needed by your new registrar to accept your domain transfer.

We reiterate our heartfelt apologies for these outages!

I've been informed this evening that Haberli has changed the registration names on some domains from David Gul to Ernesto Haberli! He has actually had the audacity to put other people's domains in HIS NAME!!!!! I have one domain name to prove that but I want to protect the privacy of that individual. 

Has anyone seen this?  http://vip-hosting.com.ve/  And in case he takes it down, here it is.
Looks to me to read he's no longer going to do hosting? He's out of business??? "...ha decidido no seguir prestando servicio de hospedaje Web..."  I don't do Spanish! :o)  But sure looks like that to me.  And what is he planning on doing with everyone's domains?  Just leave them in his name locked?  He just walks away from the nightmare he created!

If you all want each other's emails, send me an email and just put in the subject line -- send my email to everyone!  I will send ALL of you each other's emails so that you can all get together and fight this, either with a class-action suit, or bombard the current registrar that they need to be helping eveyone not shutting them out!!!

Update: 12/11/07 This is definitely the forum to watch: Webhostingtalk.  Unbelievable how things went from bad to worse.

Yesterday, 06:02 PM oneavenue Feb 2002 Location: Tampa, Florida Posts: 147 12/11/2007 4:30PM EST We have backed out of the Avid Hosting Deal. We wish the best for all those affected. Any questions regarding Domains and/or Websites should be directed to Enom and/or Avid Hosting. Thank You


Has anyone seen this? And now as of 12/11 they have backed out!  As of 12/8/2007 One Avenue Networks Obtained Control of all Active Avid Hosting Clients http://avidhosting.oneavenue.com/   Update today 12/10/07. 

The first line in "bold" was taken directly from the avidhosting.oneavenue.com page.  read this post on the webhostingtalk forumOneavenue | Location: Tampa, Florida | To all former client of Avid Hosting: On 12/7/2007 We arrived at an agreement with the owners of Avid Hosting that gives us control of their client base, all hardware and software licenses.

And please read this forum post from back in 2005. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/archive/index.php/t-378001.html A bit of a debate going on there about Vip-hosting.com, Ernesto Haberli, and One Avenue Networks NOT being associated!   This is all very disconcerting, IMO. Originally there was a form at Avidhosting.com. Then that page was forwarded to http://avidhosting.oneavenue.com and One Avenue Networks mentioned they had "obtained control of all active avidhosting clients....etc..  I can't quote that because the link is no longer on the server!!!!  Why is IT gone too?? What is going on here?

And now one avenue has backed out.  http://avidhosting.oneavenue.com.

Maybe they realized what a scum bag Ernesto Haberli is IMO and how he has screwed over so many people's lives IMO!!!  They probably made the best decision for their business to NOT get involved with HABERLI AGAIN -- In My Opinion!! A well-known pornography spammer!!!  And now he has begun to steal people's domains too IMO.  Must be his new business!! IMO


More Avidhosting.com customers have contacted me regarding AvidHosting locking their domains. Their sites are down AGAIN and they cannot contact AvidHosting via email, support, control panel, telephone. It's like Avidhosting has disappeared. But then, that's Avidhosting. They're just doing what they do best: screwing over the public, stealing domains, bar none the worst support in hosting history, all in my opinion of course!!

I received this information from someone whose name will remain anonymous because I do not have permission to post their name: Avid is apparently no longer operating. Their voice mailbox is full; their own site is down; according to the Illinois Secretary of State, their incorporation was “involuntarily suspended” – i.e., they didn’t pay their corporate franchise taxes.


Another one of my clients was informed by Tucows (where Avid registered all the domains that were serviced) that all her domains were being transferred to Enom. She would have lost control of them with that process. Avid suspended her account, took down her web site, and she was unable to contact Avidhosting.com. They did not respond to her request to manage her own domain and move her hosting elsewhere via email, support tickets, control panel support, and did not return phone calls. Avidhosting.com then charged her for her next month's hosting services, having a suspended account and no means to contact them. They were not authorized to take money from her account. She intends to have the bank backcharge AvidHosting.com.

200 Known Spam Operations responsible for 90% of your spam Spammer ...

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Cyrunner / Ernesto Haberli aka Eduardo Warren. United States. Damon DeCrescenzo - Doc drugs. United States. Dan Padgham / Chuck DeVoe. United States ...

iAudition-blog: おしおきだべー スパムメール殲滅の対策- [ Translate this page ]

a known professional spam operation run by Cyrunner / Ernesto Haberli aka Eduardo Warren. Multi-network fed fake ISP: ixxnet.net Query: ...
blogs.dion.ne.jp/audition/archives/cat_40561.html - 435k - Cached - Similar pages
7-7-07 UPDATE

An individual contacted me through this web site and told me that AvidHosting.com stole THEIR family domain business name and they are fighting to get it back!

Today, I found out from my new hosting company that someone hacked my form and it generated pornography email, so my new host pulled ALL MY WEB SITES DOWN and threw me out.  I wonder who has it out for me to do that? Hmmm....  In my opinion, Avid and it's owners are no longer a reputable, honest company.  I seem to have a continuing nightmare, and it ALL STARTED with Avid Hosting merely because I wanted to take my domains and hosting to new companies and pull away from Avid. That's it! And then the nightmare began!  In the 20 years I have been on the web, I have NEVER had problems like this.

8-6-07 UPDATE

AvidHosting.com has just taken complete control of my clients' domain names:  PHClassDetails.com and KBBFradio.com.  They admitted that in an email. They told me over the phone that they refused to help anyone affiliated with me, so they would not help either one of my clients.  That is pure revenge! So because I wanted to pull my domains and hosting with AvidHosting.com, they are also refusing support to my clients!  My clients phClassDetails.com and KbbfRadio.com have lost their domains to AvidHosting.com and Avidhosting.com has threatened ME via phone and email that if I don't pay them, my clients will not get their domains back!  In my opinion, that's extortion!  I owe them NOTHING!!


New information received anonymously, so I can only pass on to the public for further investigation and your own protection: Alleged new owner of Avidhosting: Ernesto Haberli - known PORN EMAIL SPAMMER! Google his name and read it for yourself.  At least he must be affiliated with Avid or he would not have called me from Avidhosting, introducted himself as Ernesto, then laughed and threatened me over the phone, nor would my son have called him back at Avidhosting and spoken with him on the phone.

UPDATE: Not recommended by: http://www.975register.com/avid.html
UPDATE: 8/23/07

Avidhosting.com just threatened to sue me because they want me to remove Avidhosting.org from the web and give them FREE the domain I purchased! They say I am infringing on their trademark; but I don't see a TM after their name, and in fact, to my knowledge, their name is NOT trademarked at all!; however, they just purchased my clients' "what he calls a trademark" company name --  phclassdetails.net and kbbfradio.net.  Is that  not the same thing for which they are suing me?  It's okay for them to purchase a like domain, but not anyone else? And mine was not purchased in bad faith. They purchased my clients' domains purely to get back at me and want me to pay for them.

Also, Haberli threatened to take all my domains from GoDaddy.  And guess what, he registered the phclassdetails.net at GODADDY!!  I am thinking GoDaddy needs to hear about this because possibly their security will be threatened --IN MY OPINION OF COURSE!


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