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Emails from customers affected by the recent crash of Avidhosting.com:

Names and domains have been omitted to protect their privacy (unless permission is otherwise given).

None of the following is my experience, but I have posted the emails, by permission, which I have received, in order to help others who are experiencing these same issues with Avidhosting.com.  I hope there is something on this site that will give you a starting point and hope .... that all things are possible as long as you are persistent and tenacious!  And thank you to those of you who gave me good words for this site being up.  It has been a risk keeping it here, but I so wanted others to benefit by it and save you the misery I had to go through.  Maybe it has paid off afterall.

12/12/07 Call Elida at Enom.  It sounds like she has helped some people get back their domains.  Posts taken from Web Hosting Talk and some from emails I received.

Elida from enom wrote me again today stating avidhosting had another page up to input info into to get domains back, however it is basically the same as the last time in which they are demanding a $15.00 tranfer fee in order to  get the EPP code and transfer the domains. I immediately forwarded that reply from avid back to Elida to show her what was coming up from this. I'm starting to get quite dizzy here going around in circles.


Enom transferred my domain today. Elida took over and I had my domain back in about 2 hours. No files or anytyhing but at least I have the name back!
Avid also had that bogus form on their site today.


With great help from enom, I now have my domain back!


Just to let you all know, I WAS able to get my domain back through eNom just today. eNom was very helpful in my case. Had to show photo I.D., proof I owned the business, and I also sent them a credit card payment of receipt that I had paid Avidhosting. Don't give up. I suggest you stay tuned to Avidhosting.org. The webmaster there is wonderful and tenacious!! to say the least. Gosh I like people like PJ.


Yes xxxx, PJ is the greatest, her site has helped a lot of people... and Enom... I am not so sure they are willing to help, I called them today and they said the forced Ernesto to put up that form on the current avid site, but also they said Ernesto is the legal owner of all of those domains so that it is up to him to release them... They are asking people to show proof of payment, which of course they don't have because in most cases they did not request to have their domains renewed... Ernesto had all the domains for Avid on a TuCows account and then he changed the admin contact for all of the domains so he could transfer them to Enom and he could manage them all...


This is what I got back after filling out the current form at avidhosting.com

"To transfer your domain you will need to pay a small $15 transfer fee by check or money order made payable to “ Avid Hosting”. We are not able to accept credit card payments at this time.

Mail $15 payments to:
Avid Hosting
PO Box 771579
Wichita, KS 67277-1579

Once your payment is received you will be emailed your EPP code needed by your new registrar to accept your domain transfer."

RIDICULOUS!!!! what a bunch of criminals!


eNom has been very unhelpful to me. I've been trying to get my domain back and they've told me numerous lies to get me off the phone. As of today, they told me they can't do anything because some other hosting scam are the new owners of avidhosting.com. They told me they could have helped me yesterday, but not today. Riduculous! I tried to get them to help but they kept telling me that avidhosting was back online. I was gullible enough to submit info on a form that avidhosting put up (worthless). This is a huge mess and there is no way I will be trusting any worthless hosting company in the future. And I will never do any business with eNom.

Hello… I am just another frustrated AvidHosting customer. I just called OneAvenue (561-296-0855) and they were extremely rude to me. I actually just wanted to find out when and how I can transfer my domain and Lionel said “Once you have it, it’s yours, you can do what you want with it, OK?” and hung up on me. Looks like the nightmare is continuing. Feel free to post this on your site. Aaron J. Keyes WYCM.com

TRY CONTACTING ICAAN!! http://www.icann.org/ See if they will help any of you! PJ


Marina del Rey, CA, USA

4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6601

Phone: +1.310.823.9358
FAX: +1.310.823.8649

We are still waiting, but I just checked out Avids whois report and they have a new address in Naperville, Illinois. The change took place on November 30th.
Contact Type Registrant Organization Name:
NA First Name: Inc. Last Name: AvidHosting
Address 1: 2835 Aurora Ave.
Address 2: Suite 115-367
City: Naperville
StateProvince: IL PostalCode: 60540 Country: US Phone: NA

After reviewing ICANN's polices, I realized we still have the right to "update" incorrect registration data on our whois report. After talking again to eNom, they reluctantly had to agree to this. By sending them a copy of our Illinois LLC/Corporate registration that I obtained online, they have agreed to update the phone number and email on our Registrant info in our whois listing to our real info.

And presto, we now have full authorization to transfer the domain without Avidhosting interfering.

Note that our original whois report still contained mention of our company and address. If the registrant info says Avidhosting, I don't think this method will work. Apparently, because the email contact on the Registrant lines of all of our whois listings is domains@avidhosting.com, they were stuck in a legal loophole. They obviously could not contact the registrant for verification because this email is currently down. Without verification from either the Registrant or the Adminstrator, they could not transfer the domains.

When Avid transferred all of our domains to eNom on September 14th of this year, eNom legally had to send email verification of the transfer to all emails in the whois listing. Which means that they did try to inform all of us, but unfortunately they had a "mistaken" email. Avidhosting apparently didn't mind the transfer when they were contacted about it.

ENom, has assured me that once this "update" goes through, we will again have full authority to transfer the domain. They even went so far as to outline the process to follow. Maybe we will get our domain back after all.

Now if you go to avidhosting.com, they have a page up that is a form to fill out and they state they will release the domain for transfer unless you owe them money which has to be paid by check. I don’t owe them anything so we’ll see if this actually works or not. If any kind of suit is brought up, I want to be included as well, as this has been quite damaging to my company not to mention emotional distress as well. You have my permission to post this on your site as well.

So, PJ, thought you'd appreciate that it was Bridgette @ Enom and Michelle @ Network Solutions who held my hand and scaled this techno-mountain for me. We gals have to stick together!!

Update: Email from Bridgette and AGAIN saying that Enom's policy is to Hold Off helping any of us further and they've been talking with Avid, yada, yada.

My business web www.pineislandmarina.com was also hosted and affected by the crash of this company. I have used them for about 4 years with the occasional site going down for several hours or so. My biggest problem was with email being sent to my customers being returned due not being allowed to be received. They had no explanation other than spam protection but I was told that they did not have reverse DSN ??? Not sure but I expect things to work. I contacted the Consumer protection at the Attorney Generals office and was told that if there are complaints filed they will investigate and possibly get us refunds. This can be done online at http://www.ag.state.il.us/consumers/conscomp.pdf . Also I would be interested in joining any class action suit. This crash has affect our business badly due to the time of the year as we use our site for merchandise sales.

You have my permission to quote this email and give my email pineislandmarina@yahoo.com for any additional info.

I personally heard from Elida Flores at Enom and they WILL help us.

She told me to simply create an enom account at www.eNomCentral.com and email them verification of domain ownership through an invoice showing payment made through Avid Hosting. We can then transfer the domains to your eNom account. Enom will provide us with a transfer key for doing this. She said she would be out of the office all next week but that we could contact customercare@enom.com with any questions.

Please feel free to post this information.

Hello, Thank you for contacting Technical Support regarding your domains. Please setup a free account with eNom by visiting https://www.enomcentral.com/newaccount.asp. Once you have completed this, make note of your account login ID (which will need to be included in the email to us). We also need a copy of your government issued photo ID as well as any documentation showing ownership of the domains. This could be an email order confirmation, payment receipts, business license, or any other document that shows ownership of the domains. Please email this information to us at: customercare@enom.com Thank you

eNom, Inc., a Demand Media company
U.S. Technical Support 425.274.4500 Option 3
U.K. Technical Support +44(0)161 2364100
Technical Support Fax 425.974-4791
15801 NE 24th St. Bellevue, WA 98008

WARNING!!  CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARDS IF YOU HAVE GIVEN THEM TO AVID.  This happened to me also -- they continually debited my CC for 3 months.  Here is another nightmare story from Carson Harris. I was given permission to post this email and name. PJ

Hi, I was just visiting your website avidhosting.org. I have had a nightmare of an experience with them myself.

In September they debited my account $400. This made me very angry and they put the money back promptly saying that it was a glitch in their billing system. In October the debited $800 from my account. After threatening to take this to the Federal Banking authorities they again put the money back and assured me that they would change it so that I would be billed via PayPal. Now it's November and once again, my card has been debited $800. I have been unable to contact them this time but have filed a claim with my bank and have had the money credited back to my account. The problem with this last debit is that it hit my bank account the day before Thanksgiving which ruined my holiday as I was unable to be with my family as a result of their debit essentially wiping out my account.

Do you know of any civil remedy that I may pursue (lawsuit) since this has created serious emotional anguish? I would really hate it if Avid were allowed to get away with this. Every time I have spoken with someone there, be it a technical issue or billing or other logistical problem I always talk to the same guy. His speech is almost unintelligible and I can honestly say that I have never had an intelligent conversation with him. I suspect that Avid is a one man (and shabbily run) enterprise. Please email me back with your thoughts.

Best wishes. Carson Harris


Hi,. Thanks for getting back to me as fast as you did. Did you notice that avid is now off-line? I have tried going there several times and get an error saying the site is unavailable. I would be very happy to have you post my email to you on your site. I would just as soon have my name published with it because I want those bastards to know I'm shouting about them to anyone who will listen. I'm looking into what possible recource I have legal or civil. Well, gotta go. Take care and best of luck with your web site and getting back at those avid guys. Carson

I just found this link. I've emailed the basics to them in the form of a complaint, but you may want to let everyone know they can make an anonymous request for investigation at http://www.wooddale.com/index.asp?Type=DYNAFORM&SEC={A93632CF-3A8F-4ACE-B300-293A16C54C0E}

  • Site:
  • Avidhosting 367 W. Irving Park Rd. Suite 392
  • Wood Dale, IL 60191

Also note; David Gul has a residence in Naperville, IL, (about 5 miles from Wood Dale.) He also runs a business in Naperville. http://chicago.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=46&bbb=0654&firm=88024645

I saw your post about the troubles with Avid Hosting, http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/247/RipOff0247323.htm .

Wow! I haven't seen that site. Good for you! Sorry you have to go through that. As well as everybody else. Thanks for the site and your help! I never expected to see a site like this or get this much help when I emailed you. We're going to contact Enom for help. We'll let you know how it goes. Best of luck to you!

Have you heard the latest? The entire system is down and the owner of the company has taken over every site, added his contact info and is essentially holding all the sites hostage. It's been four days already!

I'm totally screwed, since I have EVERYTHING with them and no way to get access to any of it.



I saw your website about avidhosting. I am been a reseller with them for several years and the last few years they have gone completely downhill. As of right now, every single one of my websites are DOWN...including my business sites. Of course, this includes their websites, email...everything. I went to my control panel at Avidhosting and their site is down too! I can't contact them by phone, email, or anything. It's like they have gone out of business or something. Anyway, I am trying to contact the registrar (Enom) to see if they can help me get control of my domains and then I'm switching the hosting elsewhere. They were able to help when Registerfly bit the dust so I'm hoping they can help here.

Luckily, I removed all credit card information from Avidhosting several months ago and I've been paying on a month by month basis via check.

Any advice you have would be appreciated.

I hate to bother you because I am sure you are getting alot of e-mails regarding Avid Hosting. My website is gone!! My domanin name is now at ENOM! I was set up with Avid to automatically charge my credit card in February for my annual fee and charge my credit card in June for my domain name renewal.

I just looked and although my domain name is paid to June of 08, I cannot find a debit on my credit card charging for the domain name.  I had contacted them back in June to make sure my domain name had been renewed and got no answer. This SOB has paid for my domain name this year and I guess I have lost it. Do you have any answers for me?

I was blind sided with this one. I have been been with this company for at least 7 years and at the beginning they were great and alot of help to me. I had no idea there was a problem until last week when I realized my website was gone.

This is a small business for me and the problem I have.....I am linked to many other companies.........if the new person is contacted to porn, I hate to think what will show up under my domain name.

Thank you for putting up the .org website, it confirmed my fears and was a big help. I am so mad..............I am so mad.

My site has been down for 4 days and I think you confirmed what I had feared. I’m trying to run a business & can’t afford the B.S. that goes on with avidhosting. Can you recommend an inexpensive hosting service? I was paying about $15 a month with them. Is there any chance I get any of my files back from them or should I just move on and start from scratch. I have most of them backed up, but a lot of my emails were in my address book there. Thanks in advance.

Just read your website a bit too late. They claim that I was in arrears and registered our domain under their name and won't reply to any correspondence (electronic or otherwise). We've contacted the Pearland, TX police and are waiting to see what they do. We have a physical address for them there, but don't know if it is still valid. Hope they send a cruiser by.

I am glad that you have this website. I have been with avidhosting since around 2001, and their service has gone down hill. I was not really surprised a few days ago when my website disappeared, my emails stopped coming in. I tried calling avidhosting and the phones were disconnected. I have been frantic trying to figure out how to gain control of my “locked” domain. Tonight I signed up with a new hosting service and have contacted enom to help with my domain, thanks to the information on your site. I never knew that was where my domain was located till I saw it on your site.

What really hurts is all the files that are now gone, I am a southern gospel artist and all my newsletter members were kept in a database and the current contact information for potential concerts that I have not downloaded yet – so that is lost booking and lost music sales. I am not looking forward to rebuilding everything.

Well thanks for lending an ear…. And most of all thanks for this site, wish I would have found it a lot sooner as it would have saved a lot of aggravation!

Thanks for the information www.avidhosting.org about avidhosting. I am a business whom also is affected by avid hosting. They apparently have taken our money and run. Perhaps we all could bring a "class action" lawsuit against avid? Keep us informed, I will be glad to support the efforts in anyway I can.


Thank you for your reply PJ.  You certainly may post  my email as requested.  I also have other past and present issues with Avid with that involves not releasing my sister's domain  as well as not refunding my money.  They renewed a domain for one full year despite my request not to.  Avid has yet to credit my card or respond to those email's.

More coming as soon as I get their permission.















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